"I had a few repairs on the same vehicle, just before winter I dropped my BMW off for the final work on the roof and hood, it was a while I picked up the car that I noticed color irregularities, I showed this to Woody while dropping off another car (ouch!). Woody stood by the work, in fact he conveyed to me that the paint rep had recalled this paint and had authorized a 3/4 paint job with top-of-line paint and clear coat, I can't wait to see the result ... Anxiously awaiting"
   ~Jim C.

"He quotes me a price, and it doesn't matter how much more work it takes, he sticks to his original price. In the process of painting our Hyundai, he damaged the hood a little and redid the whole hood without another cent. One time when he promised my car would be done by a certain time and it wasn't, he pulled the stuff out of his car and lent me his until the next day when my was finished. We've had a lot of our car/truck work done here and have always been pleased with the work and honesty. We will continue to come here for service."
   ~Amy H.